LED Aquarium Light And Decoration Light -Swan

Indoor Plant Grow Light & LED Aquarium Light & Lamp for Indoor Water Plants

LED Aquarium Light And Decoration Light -Swan - PNLED-137. Plant Grow LED Light - Swan

Plant Grow LED Light - Swan


The plant grow light has unique design and it creates green solutions and home interior design ideas. With our LED plant light, it will be easier to bring more green into interior design and create a healthier home. The LED lamp can satisfy the requirements for markets of LED grow plant light market, aquarium light, indoor water plants, LED decorative light:

【LED Aquarium Light】
Our LED light has wavelengths for photosynthesis fall within the blue range (425–450 nm) & red range (600–700 nm), and it is helpful to maintain water quality (Photosynthesis) and provides a healthy home for fish.

【LED Plant Grow Light & & Lamp for Indoor Water Plants】
We optimized different wavelength and intensity of the LEDs, which are good for all indoor plants and water plants.

【Decoration Light】
The LED lamp has innovative lighting design, creates smart lighting ideas for decoration of room, decoration of table, decoration of office, and all indoor areas.

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Home Decoration
The LED can be used as floor lamp and aquarium table lamp by adding a tripod or a glass bucket according to user's home lighting plan. 

【Practical and Flexible】
2-IN-1 LED Grow Light & LED Lamp has 2 modes, and it is perfect for indoor lighting and indoor gardening. In planting mode, the light emits Red & Blue spectrum for plants, ideal for Freshwater Aquarium Plants and Aquatic Plants ; in lamp mode, it can be used as a reading lamp, desk light, and LED work light at office or at home.


  • PLANT mode: with optimized Red & Blue spectrum, it creates great lighting environment for plant.
  • LAMP mode: with extra 4000K LED, working as regular lamp


  • Material: ABS Base + Plastic Plate
  • Lamp: 2.5W (Red LED + Blue LED + SMD2835 White 4000K LED)
  • Switch for Plant - Red Light and Blue Light(If the switch is not turned off, it will automatically shut down after 12 hours)
  • Switch for Lamp - White Light
  • With 1.2M USB Cable
  • Color: White / Black
  • Tripod and Glass Bucket are Optional
  • Waterproof: IP20
  • LED Chips: Red : Blue = 16:8
  • PPFD=120
  • Warranty: 2 years

Product Drawing


• Corporate Social Responsibility: BSCI member.
• Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive:CE/ RoHs
• Others: UL / CUL / PSE ... compliance or certificated issued by TUV ... Lab.

MOQ/Min. Order Amount

US$10,000 per order per shipment

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