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Feb. 2022

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Why people need mood enhancing lighting? Typically, mood enhancing lighting fixtures are helpful to create atmosphere and renovate spaces in affordable ways. On the other hand, the lighting fixtures enhance the aesthetic of indoor/outdoor spaces by complementing or modifying the way we perceive the environment (lower wattage lights).

The common types of mood lighting include the following fixtures:

  • Night Light
  • Table Lamp
  • RGB Lighting
  • Novelty Lamp
  • Party Light
  • Projector Light for Relaxation
  • Nursery Light
  • Ambient Lighting for TV/gaming/computer screen
  • Outdoor Mood Light

In this article, we will show information about night lights, RGB table lamps, outdoor table lamps, and some of their applications.    

Night lights are brilliant for adding mood and atmosphere to a space because they provide a soft, welcoming glow which creates a feeling of warmth. Placing a textured portable lamp will be the easiest way to transform indoor space since it is freely to be moved around.

Our portable table lamps are rechargeable and free of any cords. Without wires, the lamps bring beautiful combination of practicality and aesthetics to living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms. They also provide an inspiration of lighting ideas for home bar décor if people would like to add values to homes, have great pleasure and a stylish way to entertain themselves at home. Stylish home bar décors and lighting fixtures will successfully create a hotel-like and luxurious feel.

Whether you have a tiny patio or a magnificent garden, a great garden light is always helpful to create a comfortable area or renovate their outdoor spaces. If people are looking for stylish outdoor decorations and lighting solutions perfect for outdoor space, they should try a waterproof cordless table lamp. Placing a portable outdoor table will be an easy way to light terrace dining table or porch because it does not require technicians and lighting fittings installation costs.


The above outdoor lamps are some of our top selling outdoor lighting fixtures. They are stunning, stylish, durable, made of high quality weather resistant materials, and of course --- affordable! Do you want to light up garden with our collection of outdoor lamps? Check out more product details! 
Lifestyle & Fashion RGB Outdoor Portable Table Lamp 
Lifestyle & Fashion Waterproof Minimalist Touch Lamp

A great table lamp could add an extra focus to commercial areas such as cafeterias, restaurants, bars, hotels, lounge areas. It could be also ideal for accent lighting if a lamp is placed on the sitting area or dining area at boutique hotels, for a relaxing feel-good vibe. However, if a commercial area needs flexible light sources and different layers of lighting, dimming and color changing (RGB) functions will be required.

The following lamps have functions of color changing (RGB) or dimmer switches, and they will give users more flexibility according their needs. Placing dimmable lamps & RGB lamps in the lounges, lobbies, hotels rooms and restaurants, will allow users switch from the brighter light to the soft glow, and easily creates more comfortable and inviting atmosphere.  

LED Gold Table Lamp & Copper/Silver Lamp

When people choose lamps, make sure to choose lamps with suitable power source, right color temperature (Kelvin), brightness (Lumens), and waterproof ratings (IP ratings).

[Power Source]
The types of lamp power source include AC power, battery power (Rechargeable/Solar-rechargeable/Non-rechargeable). If people are concerned about electrical safety or environmental issues, we recommend choosing a LED lamp with rechargeable battery. They are safe, reliable and create less environmental waste.

Rechargeable batteries (Lithium batteries) are widely used in portable consumer electronic devices. These batteries stand apart from other batteries in their high charge density, and can produce voltages from 1.5 V to 3.7V

Regarding to Home Resource rechargeable lamp, the 18650 lithium battery is the most common one. 18650 batteries can be also used for flashlights, laptops, and many electronic devices. Our batteries are certificated and the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) will be provided for export/import. A MSDS is a document that contains information on the potential hazards. Overall, there are 3 advantages by using lamps with rechargeable batteries:

1. Easily and Conveniently Be Recharged:
No need to change or buy more batteries.

2. Better for the Environment:
Rechargeable batteries produce less waste because they can be recharged and reused.

3. Cost-Effective:
They are more cost-effective than the disposable ones or AC power in long-term.
4. Long Working Hours:
Although it requires more charging preparations for rechargeable batteries, they have long working hours. The charging times of 18650 lithium battery depend on battery capacity: 900mAH, 1,600mAH, 2,200mAH. Take our LED metal lamp (53C) as an example: the working time with the 1,600mAH battery is around 50 hours (at lowest brightness), and the 2,200mAH one is up to 65 hours.  

[Color Temperature (Kelvin/K)]
Color temperature of lighting fixtures is measured in Kelvins (K), and the commonly range from 1500k up to 6500k. The higher the color temperature on the Kelvin Scale, the brighter (colder/cooler colors) the light will be; the lower the numbers on the Kelvin Scale, the warmer (yellower) the light will be.

The following is the temperature scale and its applications:

Daylight (5000-6000K): Warehouses, Manufacturing, Industrial Facilities
Bright White (4000K): Retails, Offices, Showrooms, and Schools. 
Warm White (2700-3000K): Homes, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Hospitality, Gardens, Patios. 

Candle light: 1500K
Incandescent bulb:2600K-2700K
Halogen bulb: 2700K-3000K
Fluorescent light: 4500K-6500K

[Brightness (Lumens)]
Lumens means brightness and measure how much light users are getting from a light source. Watts dose not measure brightness, but they measure energy use. People can use the above chart to understand exactly how many lumens are in a watt and vice versa. 


[Waterproof Ratings (IP ratings)]
The IP rating measures the degree of protection for foreign bodies like dust, dirt and vermin, and its resistance to moisture. The first number between 0 – 6, measures the protection from solid objects like dust, dirt. The second between 0 – 8 measures resistance to moisture at varying intensities, angles, depths, pressures, exposure and immersion.

Generally, we pick up outdoor lighting fixtures with the following IP rating according to users’ needs:

Garden lighting: IP44 or higher
Security, Deck and Patio Lighting: IP65 (avoid damage or electrical problems.)

Light is one of the most important elements in home décor planning because it is able to create an atmosphere much more than furniture. If people would like to renovate a house, maybe they should try a new light/lamp first.

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