【Product Info】: Cordless &Battery Operated Sensor Light

Jul. 2021


【Product Info】: Cordless &Battery Operated Sensor Light - . Cordless &battery operated sensor light

Cordless &battery operated sensor light

How to improve home security with motion sensor light ? How to make a purchasing decision of a sensor light? In this article, we will introduce cordless sensor lights & advantages, types of cordless sensor lights, and we hope to assist people to find a great one!

Dangers in the Dark

Resident home areas could be dangerous in the dark such as doorways, garages, backyards. When power outages happen or during night time, it will be important to prevent elderly falls, avoid hurting pets accidentally or stepping into mud/animal poop. However, the most serious concerns are crimes at the dark corners. “Wherever there is darkness, crimes will occur.” In order to reduce all types of risks in your home, lighting up your space with a sensor light could be a solution. Motion detector lights are cost effective and can add a sense of safety and security to any home areas. In this article, we will introduce cordless sensor lights & advantages, key points for choosing a sensor light, types of cordless sensor lights, and we will be glad to assist people in finding a great cordless sensor light.   


Advantages of Cordless & Battery Operated Sensor Light

If users are considering installing sensor lights, it will depend on security needs, budget, and electrical wiring plans. Although motion sensor lights are inexpensive, the biggest problem is sensor light installation. As many wall/garden fixtures use AC power, users should think about wiring issues and extra installation fees. If people wouldn’t like to remodel a house, a cordless sensor light will be a good choice. Generally, a wireless &battery operated sensor light has the following advantages:

1) Easy Installation & Easy to use: Widely applicable, no wires, easier, anywhere.
2) Cost Effective: No need a technician and installation fees.   
3) Energy saving: Motion detection lights are only activated by approaching people or animals. They remain off for the rest of the time, and therefore sensor lights do not waste electricity.
4) Low Voltage Safe & Electrical Safety: There are 3 types of power supplies and won’t cause electrical fires: Rechargeable batteries and solar panels, dry cell battery power, USB rechargeable motion sensor light. Solar lights are self-powered, but low lumen output and weather issues are the disadvantage. Sometimes solar lights will not be charged properly because of bad weather.

What Cordless Sensor Lights’ Features Should Users Look For?

When users look for wireless LED sensor lights, some key points should be considered when it comes to choosing a LED sensor light:

1) Lumens:
Lumens have substituted watts to become the light measurement because higher wattage does not mean brighter light, and we list general requirements of our customers: 

Landscape lighting: 50-300 lumens
Pathway lights: 100-200 lumens
Flood lights: 700-1300 lumens
Wall lights: 50-185 lumens

Many wireless sensor light’s brightness is in a range of 20 lm-50 lm, but they may not meet users requirements because of insufficient brightness. If you are looking for a cordless outdoor sensor light with high lumens, 200/300/400lm lumens should be the basic requirements.

2) Motion Detection Range:
Sensors can detect activity from 8-12M, depending on the design and their target markets. What trigger a motion sensor light to turn on? Why a motion detector light can be triggered whenever people or animals pass by? Microwave, PIR (passive infrared), photocell are the most common types of sensors. Microwave sensors are motion detectors that work by emitting microwave signals. If someone or an object passes the sensor, the signals will be reflected toward a sensor and trigger the lights to turn on. PIR sensors work by using infrared beams and detect infrared radiation. When people/animals move across the beams, they will detect a different temperature and trigger the lights. Photocell is different from Microwave and PIR, it is a sensor that change its resistance depending on the surrounding brightness, which enables fixture only works when necessary (e.g. from dusk to dawn). 

3) Sensor with Photocell:
Although Microwave and PIR are common types of sensors, the biggest problem is electrical energy waste. The sensors will be activated in bright place and the lights will turn on if they are triggered by microwave signals (objects cross), or detect a sudden change in temperature (human/animals bodies).

If users would like to reduce electricity use and costs, we strongly recommend using a sensor light with photocell. Photocells are sensors that detect natural lighting. In our sensor lights, the PIR sensor and photocell work together. The photocell gives power to the lights when it gets dark (dusk-to-dawn) and the PIR sensor switches the light on when it detects movement. PIR sensor with photocell will ensure that the light will not be triggered by people/animals/objects when we have enough light.

Types of Cordless Sensor Lights

Proper lighting can have a significant impact on how people feel in a space, and each space has different lighting requirements. Here we list four basic types of wireless sensor lights:

1) Motion Sensor LED Wall Lighting:
A wireless motion sensor wall light provides the best space saving solution because it can be easily installed on any outdoor surfaces or any walls. Users won’t have to consider space issues. Some wireless wall lighting fixtures have foldable design and adjustable light angle, then they will be more widely applicable in any situation.     

Foldable design and adjustable light angle:
LED Foldable Security Light-Solar Version
LED Foldable Security Light-Battery Version

Adjustable light angle:
Battery Operated Security Light with Sensor - Single Head
Battery Operated Security Light with Sensor - Dual Head
LED Sensor Security Wall Light


2) Spike Light with Motion Sensor:
Users can highlight shrub or silhouette a leafy plant and illuminate pathways with dramatic effect by adding spike lights. Spike light with sensor is ideal for lawn, garden gravel, soil in small farms & gardens, yards, house pathways.

Some pathway lights have multifunctional design. This LED light “2 in 1 LED Battery Operated Pathway Light for any Outdoor Space” has spike and mounting plate, it can be used as a spike light for lawn; It can also be mounted on the deck, easy to transform! With a mounting plate with holes, a bollard Light with motion sensor can be easily installed, and it is deal for garden, patio, courtyard, balcony, terrace.The low voltage garden light is perfect outdoor lighting for landscaping in the yard. If you couldn’t make decision between spike light and bollard light, this LED sensor light will be a good choice.   

2 in 1 LED Battery Operated Pathway Light for any Outdoor Space

3) Battery Operated Solar Light with Sensor:
Outdoor LED solar sensor lights are self-powered because they are able to convert solar power into electric energy to supply lighting without wired. However, we have mentioned that users should consider low lumen output and weather issues. Sometimes solar lights will not be charged properly because of bad weather. Regarding lumen issue, if someone is looking for a solar light with higher lumen output, the one with 400 lm could be an ideal option:  

LED Foldable Security Light-Solar Version

4) Indoor Sensor Table Lamp:  
Motion-activated lights are among the most recommended indoor night lights for kids and seniors. They conveniently light up when people/animals enter their field of vision, and people will not have to navigate through their home in darkness to find the switch. However, installing an indoor sensor light in the right places is essential, otherwise it will just be wasting money. For this reason, a cordless sensor table lamp should be considered because it can be put anywhere according to users’ needs:  

Home Decor Battery Operated Sensor Light

If users have an outdoor sensor light, they won’t have to keep the lights on all the time and worry about having to watch their step in the dark again.

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