Trend Alert: In/Outdoor Portable LED Lantern Style Lighting

Mar. 2022

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Trend Alert: In/Outdoor Portable LED Lantern Style Lighting - . In/Outdoor Portable LED Lantern Style Lighting

In/Outdoor Portable LED Lantern Style Lighting

As the COVID-19 winds down, people have just been anxious to get out. Everyone choose outdoor / Indoor recreation close to home amid COVID-19 pandemic. It has put many people off hotels and planes. While socially distanced outdoors holidays are enjoying a surge like outdoor recreation: biking, boating, fishing, wildlife watching and more.

Along with warm nights and long evenings are upon us, which means we can take our evening entertaining outdoors. We are seeing a surge of popularity for Lantern Style Lighting for our client. These light fixtures are a beautiful addition to almost any style of indoor or outdoor when chosen appropriately.

Why everyone love it!

Lantern style lights are extremely popular with their airy, open, minimal looks and portable design. A lantern with battery operated lighting will be able to create scenes and cast light. It’s great for brightening up any room, they not only provide a great amount of general lighting to a space, but can also add a beautiful decorative touch too.Otherwise, it’s also waterproofs to make perfect centerpieces for your outdoor dining table, layered along stairs to light the way, or just scattered around your outdoor entertaining area to create moody ambience.

Portable LED Lantern is great for so many reasons. They're light enough to carry with you wherever you go and can be mounted just about anywhere. Not only that, but they are usually much less expensive than traditional studio lights. 

For complete product info, please see our 2022 Portable Lantern Collection

Style Tips:

Simple and elegant, lanterns are great accessories to elevate the decorative quotient of a space. There are multiple ways in which you can use a lantern.

1) Lights AROUND Your Pool:

If your pool does not already have additional lighting around the walkway, it should. Poolside lighting is a smart move for preventing accidents – most notably, slipping on water or pool toys.

Installing bollards or pathway lights on the outskirts of your poolside path are ideal options for ensuring safe night swimming. However, if you just want a nice evening-time decoration, you could simply surround your pool with candle-lit lanterns.

2) On an Entryway Console Table or Backyard Ground:

The entryway is the first area of rendezvous between your guests and your home. That’s where lanterns can play a simple, but big, role. And these lantern decor elements allow you to direct a lighting scene that flickers gently amid your outdoor furniture or landscape.

In/Outdoor lanterns offer soft, low-voltage accent lighting for a small expanse of backyard ground to play up architectural details or decor. Battery-powered tabletop lanterns bring that same visual interest to eye level while softly illuminating elements that you might reach for when outside entertaining: bowls of snacks, beverages, board games, and more.


3) As a patio decoration:

It’s never too early to start thinking of ways to spruce up your patio area. If you’re already dreaming about those warm summer evenings outside, then now is the time to begin browsing the best outdoor floor lamps for your patio. Patio lighting is not only functional; it can also make a statement as an extension of your home’s style. Decorative lighting can breathe new life into a plain patio setup and make it one of the most beautiful and popular spots in your home when the weather is nice.

4) Hanging on the tent or on a Side Table between a Sofa:

Sleeping outside—whether alone, or with friends or family—is one of the most peaceful and satisfying experiences a nature-lover can have. You’ll need a reliable light source to find that warm beanie buried in your backpack, or to slip out of your tent to answer the call of nature at midnight—and that’s why a good lantern should always come along to light up your overnight adventure. Furthermore, it’s also multifunctional for indoor use or decoration, the space between a sofa and a wall tends to look dull because of shadows. Use a lantern to add light to that space and make it look lively. 

This 4-In-1 & Easily Carried:One small set with 4 lamps can be use as an indoor/outdoor table lamp, night light, lantern, camping light and emergency light.

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